Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello Bumsquad Djz Family:

The plan has been in motion for months now and we're finally ready to
launch five channels off of Mix 1620 Radio.

The Justos Street Album Radio - we've created a station for the Justos
which will stream album submissions and past winners you can listen
off any phone app as well. 24-7

FUEGO- this channel streams all latin music 24-7

MIX INDIE HITZ - we've created a channel for independent artists
worldwide (I've been downloading music for months now) that have
quality industry recording records (CLEAN) that will stream 24-7.

I'm really excited as a Program Director to be able to give artists,
DJs, labels, listeners and other radio personnel the opportunity to
hear and showcase the best independent submissions WORLDWIDE.

If you have any records in your region or not in your region, please
do not hesitate to send them to me at or you may
use my Bumsquad Djz email.

I'm really excited to "officially" launch these channels as they are
finally all set to go on Monday. The visits will count as "hits" to
the Mix 1620 Radio station and are subchannels. You can also listen
to those stations via any phone app and tune-in amongst many other
supporters whom have added the app.

Thank you,

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